“Let’s get the Wheel Ball Rolling!”

The concept of “Wheel Ball” is an innovative variant of Rollball specifically designed for wheelchair users, offering a unique blend of wheelchair rolling, basketball dribbling, and handball throwing/shooting skills. This variant promotes fitness and mental well-being by enhancing concentration, decision-making, stamina, strength, and focus among players. Its super competitive and thrilling nature attracts numerous spectators, making it an exciting addition to adaptive sports.

Now, let’s delve into the story of the visionary behind the “Wheel Ball” ideation – Dr. Ravindra Vinjamuri

“I am a wheel chair user and wheel chair designer & I think Wheel has been the biggest invention by mankind for inclusivity of the people.

Wheel chair users are the most persistent & determined individuals who are always ready for taking up unique challenges. Now through Roll Ball, we are inventing a innovative variant called “Wheel Ball”, in which users will use manual wheels chairs to drive the ball towards the goal posts. This will surely be a very fast action and adventurous game for all my fellow wheel chair users & I am proud to launch it through UAE.

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