“Get ready to witness the electrifying action of Roll Ball Championships where skill and passion meet on the court!”

Maven Sports Academy is all set to organize yearly tournaments, camps, workshops & events in association with International Roll Ball Federation to increase the engagement of students and create fun and competitive nature to the sport:

Roll Ball Inter-School Championships starting in 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the information provided:

Roll Ball Inter-School Championships (2024): Maven Sports Academy will organize Roll Ball Inter-School Championships annually in each emirate. The top four school teams from each emirate will be selected to participate in the Inter-Emirate Championship.

Inter-Emirate Championship (2025): The Inter-Emirate Championship chapter will be launched in 2025, where the top teams from each emirate will compete against each other. This championship will likely attract attention from schools and communities across different emirates, showcasing the best Roll ball talent in the region.

Inter-Club Championship: Maven Sports Academy will also host Inter-Club Championships where different Roll Ball clubs will compete amongst themselves. This event provides an opportunity for Roll Ball enthusiasts who are part of clubs to showcase their skills and compete at a higher level beyond the school setting.

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