“Train the Trainer”

At Maven Sports Academy, we offer a unique “Train the Trainer” program designed to equip coaches with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of Roll ball. This six-week training program covers both practical and theoretical aspects, providing a holistic understanding of coaching techniques and strategies. Upon successful completion of the program, coaches undergo an examination to assess their proficiency, and upon passing, they receive a prestigious certificate endorsed by Maven and recognized by the International Federation of Roll ball. This certification not only acknowledges their proficiency but also grants them the authority to officiate at Roll ball events on a global scale, further amplifying their impact in the sport.

Furthermore, to uphold the standard of coaching excellence, Maven conducts renewal screenings every two years. During these screenings, coaches’ progress and capabilities are evaluated to ensure they continue to meet the highest standards in coaching quality. This commitment to continuous improvement and professional development sets MaVen coaches apart, guaranteeing top-tier instruction for athletes at all levels. As it is rightly said that, “Behind every athlete’s triumph, there’s a dedicated trainer”

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