“In the world of Skaters & Roll Ballers, every challenge is an opportunity to showcase one’s skills and growth”

Here, at Maven we foster love for Skating and Roll Ball and develop the next generation of champions. Through our development program, players of all ages and skill levels may learn the game and enjoy themselves while doing so. Roll ball is an exciting game that can support kids and teens on their path to personal development nurturing both physical and mental well-being. Our Roll ball instruction programs for schools are made to offer a comprehensive approach, making sure that players—ages 2.5 to 18—enjoy the game while making the most progress possible.

We, at Maven sports academy offer training for both PE teachers and students, ensuring continuous development and enhancement of skills. Additionally, monthly visits by our skating and Roll Ball champion are scheduled to monitor progress and provide mentoring support. We prioritize talent recognition and scouting, recognizing the numerous opportunities available in the emerging sports landscape of the UAE, encouraging students to participate and excel at various levels, nationally and internationally. To further enrich the PE teachers’ experience, exposure to national and international events is facilitated, allowing them to gain valuable insights as coaches or officials.

Furthermore, audio-visual demonstration sessions, followed by physical demonstrations involving students, are conducted to reinforce learning. As part of the enrichment program, a guest lecture by the Indian Roll Ball team captain is arranged, providing valuable perspectives and inspiration. This comprehensive approach ensures holistic development and fosters a culture of sports excellence within the school community.

School’s PE teacher along with our designated skating and Roll Ball professional shall conduct the game lessons for the schools kids in the extra-curricular schools hours or in the after-school hours.

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